Ear Clear Review (Alliance Health – Scam or Legit?)


Ear Clear Plus is a dietary supplement that solves the symptom and chronic and long-term tinnitus with a combination of vitamin B, vitamin C, and other components that make up a healthy solution in getting through the illness.

Ear Clear Plus isn’t merely for the solution of the ‘ringing of the ears.’ It also claims to aid in rejuvenating your brain and memory functions by increasing your body’s response to DNA repair.

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How does the Ear Clear Plus pills work?

By intaking the component of Niacin in the ear Clear Plus pill, you will increase the development and repair of the communication of your synapses which solves issues such as low reaction times and recalling foggy memories. Ear Clear Plus target the illness by improving the repair of DNA in your brain.

What is Ear Clear Plus’ composed of?

Ingredients such as Juniper Berry and Greet Tree unite the synapses and neural connection of the brain to prevent the ‘buzzing sound’ that you hear.

Taking Ear Clear Plus is a solution to a Tinnitus which isn’t merely affecting your hearing but also the entire transportation of synapses in your brain. The ringing head by individuals is an underlying symptom of more dangerous diseases such as meningitis,

Contrary to popular belief, chronic tinnitus isn’t merely due to the presence of loud noises or bacterial infection. Tinnitus is a ringing found throughout the brain from the auditory cortex, a symptom of a greater sickness instead of an individual illness.

Who discovered the formula for Ear Clear Plus?

Gary Peterson is a Medical Librarian who has worked with doctors and students undergoing research in numerous breakthroughs.

He was able to connect two separate studies about tinnitus by debunking the root cause of it and the possible solution to stop it.

Are there any possible side effects with the ingredients contained?

Though the ingredients of the pill can be found naturally in food and other supplements, there is a suggested intake of niacin on its own is 25 milligrams daily for adults.

High levels of vitamin B3 affect different people on a case to case basis. Consulting with your dietary reference intake or DRI from your local physician will remind you of just how much nutrients from y our food supplements you’re allowed to intake especially if you’re undergoing treatment.

What are the drawbacks of the Ear Clear Plus pills?

Since it’s made up of niacin, it has its dangers as it’s primarilly used as treatment for high cholesterol. An overdose of vitamin B3 in the body could lead to liver damage or glucose intolerance when taken beyond the suggested dosage.

What makes Ear Clear Plus different from other Tinnitus solutions?

The target demographic for Ear Clear Plus is primarily for the elderly who are, but it can be used by taken in by people of all ages.

Unlike the prescription of other tinnitus solutions such as physical therapy and herbal medicine, Ear Clear Plus contains a solution of niacin which isn’t just masking the pain but improving the brains systems as it has enzymes that repair damaged DNA.

Frequent Ear Clear Plus Users Questions thread:

How can you contact Ear Clear Plus customer support?

You can contact the supplier through their customer service hotline of 855-480-5044. With their offices based in the USA, their working hours are from 9 AM to 5:30 PM on weekdays Pacific Standard Time and 1 AM to 1 PM PST on weekends.

For a quick response, you may go through their customer support page at https://tinnitustrick.com/contact/. By going through their form to expect a response by 24 to 48 hours upon submission. But you may also reach out to them through [email protected]

How long will it take until my Tinnitus is cured by Ear Clear Plus?

Consuming two capsules daily from a duration of 30 to 60 days is the best means for curing your tinnitus.

After two months, you’ll start to feel a less frequent buzzing in the ears, past the 30 days you will experience a complete loss of the ringing. After about 30 to 40 days of intake, a significant increase in sharpness of brain activity is noticed in patients.

If your symptoms do not as quickly as suggested, then it may point to a deeper damage in your brain. You are advised to consult your physician while taking these supplements to see the progress of your pill intake with your condition.

How much does a bottle of Ear Clear Plus cost?

An order of Ear Clear Plus can be bought through three different promo bundles. The standard price per bottle is at $69 per bottle, a promo bundle is priced at $59 per bottle for three bottles for a total of $177, while its best package for your money is six bottles priced at $49 each for a total of $294.

As a bonus, the manufacturers give an additional manual entitled Hearing Reset Protocol. With the book being priced generally at $49, you can get it for free from ordering early along with your batch of pills.

The book details practical ear healing methods so that you may reclaim the use of your hearing after a long battle with chronic tinnitus. Facts are debunking the myths about the symptom and how they affect you will help you fully comprehend and deal with what you are going through and how you can help yourself go through the healing process faster.

ear clear plus reviews

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Where can you buy Ear Clear Plus? Is it available on Amazon or Walmart?

Though you might find knock-off products on the net, the official Ear Clear Plus can only be purchased through its official website:tinnitustrick.com/vsl/DiscountOfferHearing

Will I get a refund if it doesn’t work?

Before you start to doubt the effectiveness of the product, make sure that you read the proper instructions including the predetermined duration of time needed before the product can take effect. If you’re still convinced that Ear Clear Plus doesn’t work, it can be returned within 180 days

This 100% Money Back Guarantee will allow you to return your purchased products if you feel that they aren’t improving the state of your illness.

 Ear Clear Plus Review – A viable solution or another scam?

Ear Clear Plus’ main ingredient of Niacin is a naturally occurring vitamin, which makes it an efficient solution with high rewards with the least amount of risks in contrast to the use of pharmaceutical brands.

Keeping constant progress of the state of your tinnitus and a regular intake of Ear Clear Plus is reportedly seeing positive results with regards to not just being a remedy for a symptom, but a general defense for brain-related damages due to age and neurological illnesses.

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