Best 5 Foods for Tinnitus That are Worth the Try

best foods for tinnitus

It is quite difficult to explain the reason why some people suffer from tinnitus as it varies from one person to another. The reality is that tinnitus is not even the disease, but a symptom of something wrong with your body. It has something to do with your auditory system that includes the ears, nerves, and the brain.

The severity of the problem depends on every person. For some, it is temporary, while for others it is permanent. It could happen on a short period, or it could last long. There are different ways to manage this symptom including the use of hearing aids, relaxation techniques and dietary changes. These are the best 5 foods for tinnitus you might want to try to relieve the problem.

Barbecued chicken

When you barbecue a chicken, it is too savory and you need not use too much salt to taste. It is also rich in Vitamin B12, which is crucial in reducing tinnitus.

Make sure that you remove the skin before cooking as it is where the fat content is stored. The grill needs to be really hot when cooking the chicken to seal the flavor.


Bananas are rich in potassium which is useful in the right flow of fluid in your body and help reduce tinnitus. Instead of eating the banana the usual way, you could place it inside the freezer for a refreshing taste.

You might also want to use a popsicle stick to eat the banana like a child, and dip it in peanut butter or chocolate. Freezing the banana also helps extend its life and avoid spoilage.

Pineapple and watermelon

These fruits are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. They can be eaten raw or be used for tasty desserts.

They also contain Vitamin C, copper, Vitamin A and biotin which are useful nutrients in fighting tinnitus. You will improve your overall health when including fruits in your regular diet.

Iced tea with herbs

You can play with your regular iced tea to make it healthier. You can have ginger, cilantro, rosemary, and oregano added to your usual drink.

The inclusion of these herbs help in stepping the flavor up. They also contain nutrients that are necessary in reducing the effect of tinnitus in your body.

The best part about these foods is that they are tasty. You would not mind adding them to your regular diet. You might even be eating them frequently right now. You cannot solve tinnitus by simply eating these foods, but there is nothing wrong in trying them. Wait for a while until you see the positive changes in your body.

Some medical experts believe that tinnitus is a psychological symptom and could be healed with the use of mindfulness techniques. Others believe that there is something wrong with the organs and flow of fluids in your body. You can try safe techniques that will lessen the problem, including the addition of these foods in your regular diet.

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